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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to

The Audubon Core is a set of vocabularies designed to represent metadata for biodiversity multimedia resources and collections. These vocabularies aim to represent information that will help to determine whether a particular resource or collection will be fit for some particular biodiversity science application before acquiring the media. Among others, the vocabularies address such concerns as the management of the media and collections, descriptions of their content, their taxonomic, geographic, and temporal coverage, and the appropriate ways to retrieve, attribute and reproduce them.

Notes: An Audubon Core (AC) record is a description, using the Audubon Core vocabularies, of a multimedia resource. Two kinds of terms are specified by this document: record-level terms and access-level terms. Terms under the Record-level Terms section apply to the whole Audubon Core record regardless of the record type. Almost all terms are record-level terms. One such term, hasServiceAccessPoint plays a special role in helping to retrieve the resource that the record describes. Its value is an identifier of a set of more metadata about services that may provide web or other access to a file containing the media. A multimedia resource may describe more than one such service, each of which is described by values of one or more access-level terms, telling such things as a web address at which the resource from which a digital representation of the resource can be retrieved, the size of such a retrieved object, etc.

This document is not a normative document, but a functional document automatically listing the up-to date (and perhaps with respect to the normative document slightly corrected as well as translated) term definitions. The static, normative versions are linked below.

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Contributors: Robert A. Morris, Vijay Barve, Mihail Carausu, Vishwas Chavan, Jose Cuadra, Chris Freeland, Gregor Hagedorn, Patrick Leary, Dimitry Mozzherin, Annette Olson, Greg Riccardi, Ivan Teage

Namespace URI: with preferred namespace prefix “ac”.


Collections in Audubon Core Development:

Audubon Core Agents Vocabulary  •  Audubon Core Attribution Vocabulary  •  Audubon Core Content Coverage Vocabulary  •  Audubon Core Geography Vocabulary  •  Audubon Core Taxonomic Coverage Vocabulary

Concepts in Audubon Core Development (grouped by collection):

Audubon Core Agents Vocabulary

By label: Creator  •  Metadata Creator  •  Metadata Provider  •  Provider  •  Provider
By concept name: ac:metadataCreator  •  ac:metadataProvider  •  ac:provider  •  ac:providerLiteral  •  dcterms:creator

Audubon Core Attribution Vocabulary

By label: Attribution Link URL  •  Attribution URL  •  Copyright Owner  •  Credit Line  •  License Logo URL  •  License URL  •  Rights  •  Source  •  UsageTerms

Audubon Core Content Coverage Vocabulary

By label: Caption  •  Controlled Vocabulary Term  •  Description  •  Language  •  Physical Setting  •  Subject Category Vocabulary  •  Tag
By concept name: ac:caption  •  ac:physicalSetting  •  ac:subjectCategoryVocabulary  •  ac:tag  •  dcterms:description  •  dcterms:language  •  Iptc4xmpExt:CVterm

Audubon Core Geography Vocabulary

By label: City  •  Country ISO-Code  •  Country Name  •  Location Shown  •  Province or State  •  Sublocation  •  World Region

Audubon Core Taxonomic Coverage Vocabulary