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UsageTerms: A collection of text instructions on how a resource can be legally used, given in a variety of languages.

Notes: Audubon Core: The license statement defining how resources may be used. Information on a collection applies to all contained objects unless the object has a different statement.

This also informs on the commercial availability of items. Buying an identification tool or media resource is essentially the purchase of an individual license. Examples for such License statements: “Available through bookstores” for a commercially published CD, and “Individual licenses available for purchase” for a high-resolution image. Note that the medium or low resolution levels of the same image may be available under open access licenses. In general, this term determines the default licensing for the media. License terms specific to variants or representations of the media resource (e.g., different resolutions) are dealt within the Audubon Core Service Access Point Vocabulary.

Note: URIs of Adobe XMP terms are not resolvable. Visit XMP Specification Part 1, Sec 8.5 for further documentation. XMP Schema is defined in RDF, not w3c schema.

Example(s): Audubon Core: "Available under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license".