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Sublocation: Name of a sublocation. This sublocation name could either be the name of a sublocation to a city or the name of a well known location or (natural) monument outside a city. In the sense of a sublocation to a city this element is at the fifth level of a top-down geographical hierarchy.

Notes: Audubon Core: Free-form text location details of the location of the subjects, down to the village, forest, or geographic feature etc., below the city or other place name, especially information that could not be found in a gazetteer.

Audubon Core distinguishes Locality in the sense of Darwin Core ( = a complete description of a locality, with the possible exception of country names etc., which can be separated into dwc:HigherGeography), and Sublocation in the sense of IPTC/XMP, i.e. the further details below a city or other place name, of a free-form text location within a fully hierarchically arranged grouping (earlier IPTC versions used “Location”, but this has been renamed as of 2008).

Note: URIs of IPTC terms for Adobe XMP terms are not resolvable. Visit IPTC Standard Photo Metadata (July 2010) for further documentation.

Constraints in the context of IPTC Photo Metadata: