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Notes: Location Created and Location Shown are separated in the current version of IPTC, and the metadata working group (MWG 2010)[1] also recommends this. We will follow this, to support the expected future increase of automatic GPS based coordinate recording in recording devices. As a special case, the AC group recommends to change the semantics of Location Shown in the case of biodiversity specimens, where the original location may differ from the current location at which the specimen is held in a collection. In this case, Location Shown should exclusively refer to the location where a specimen was originally collected (gathering or sampling location). Use Location Created to express the location where the media was created (a specimen was digitized).

All geography terms from the DarwinCore version of 9 Dec 2009 are deemed included in the Core Layer. Specifically, this includes exactly those which are declared by DarwinCore to be in DarwinCore Class Location. Note that dwc:locality may be used, but as applied to media this term may be ambiguous as to whether it applies to the location depicted or the location at which the media was created. When disambiguating information is available, it is better to use the terms Location Shown and Location Created. The latter is in the Audubon Core Resource Creation Vocabulary.

  1. (MWG 2010) Metadata Working Group Guidelines for Handling Image Metadata, Version 2.0,November 2010
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This is a collection within the Audubon Core Development. It contains the following concepts:

By label: CityCountry ISO-CodeCountry NameLocation ShownProvince or StateSublocationWorld Region
By concept name: Iptc4xmpExt:CityIptc4xmpExt:CountryCodeIptc4xmpExt:CountryNameIptc4xmpExt:LocationShownIptc4xmpExt:ProvinceStateIptc4xmpExt:SublocationIptc4xmpExt:WorldRegion