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Country ISO-Code
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Country ISO-Code (also Country Code): The ISO code of a country of a location. This element is at the second level of a top-down

geographical hierarchy.

Notes: Audubon Core: The geographic location of the specific entity or entities documented by the media item, expressed through a constrained vocabulary of countries using 2-letter ISO country code (e. g. "it, si").

Accepted exceptions to be used instead of ISO codes are: "Global", "Marine", "Europe", “N-America”, “C-America”, “S-America”, "Africa", “Asia”, “Oceania”, ATA = "Antarctica", XEU = "European Union", XAR = "Arctic", "ZZZ" = "Unknown country" (3 letter abbreviations from IPTC codes). This list may be extended as necessary.

Note: URIs of IPTC terms for Adobe XMP terms are not resolvable. Visit IPTC Standard Photo Metadata (July 2010) for further documentation.