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Description: An account of the resource.

Notes: Dublin Core: Description may include but is not limited to: an abstract, a table of contents, a graphical representation, or a free-text account of the resource. Audubon Core: Description of collection or individual resource, containing the Who, What, When, Where and Why as free-form text. This normative document is silent on the nature of formatting in the text. It is the role of implementers of an AC concrete representation (e.g. an XML Schema, an RDF representation, etc.) to decide and document how formatting advice will be represented in descriptions serialized according to such representations.

It optionally allows to present detailed information and will in most cases be shown together with the resource title. If both description and caption are present in the metadata, a description is typically displayed instead of the resource, a caption together with the resource. The description should aim to be a good text-proxy for the underlying media resource in cases where only text can be shown, whereas the caption may only make sense when shown together with the media. Often only one of description or caption is present; choose the concept most appropriate for your metadata.