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Title: A name given to the resource.

Notes: Dublin Core: A second property with the same name as this property has been declared in the dcterms: namespace (http://purl.org/dc/terms/). See the Introduction to the document "DCMI Metadata Terms" (http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/) for an explanation.

Audubon Core: Concise title, name, or brief descriptive label of institution, resource collection, or individual resource. This field should include the complete title with all the subtitles, if any.

It is strongly suggested to provide a title for each media resource. The title facilitates interactions with humans: e.g. it could be used as display text of hyperlinks or to provide a choice of images in a pick list. The title is therefore highly useful and an effort should be made to provide it where it is not already available. When the resource is a collection without an institutional or official name, but with a thematic content, a descriptive title, e. g. “Urban Ants of New England,” would be suitable. In individual media resources depicting taxa, the scientific name or names of taxa often form a good title. Common names in addition to or instead of scientific names are also acceptable. Indications of action or roles captured by the media resource, such as predatory acts, are desirable (“Rattlesnake eating deer mouse”, “Pollinators of California Native Plants”).

Constraints in the context of Dublin Core: