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Temporal Coverage
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Temporal Coverage: Temporal characteristics of the resource.

Notes: Audubon Core: The coverage (extent or scope) of the content of the resource. Temporal coverage will typically include temporal period (a period label, date, or date range) to which the subjects of the media or media collection relate. If dates are mentioned, they should follow ISO 8601. When the resource is a Collection, this refers to the temporal coverage of the collection.

If the resource is video or audio, it refers to the time span, if any, depicted by the resource. For live-media this is closely related to Creation Date and time (Example: the time depicted by a time-lapse video file of organism development), but for media with fictional content it is not.

Example(s): Audubon Core: Examples in English: "Jurassic", "Elizabethan", "Spring, 1957". 2008-01-01/2008-06-30.

Constraints in the context of Dublin Core: