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Bibliographic Citation
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Bibliographic Citation: A bibliographic reference for the resource.

Notes: Recommended practice is to include sufficient bibliographic detail to identify the resource as unambiguously as possible.

Example(s): Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2458, 309-323 (2002)

Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and metadata for e-communities, 2002; DC-2002: Metadata for e-Communities: Supporting Diversity and Convergence, Florence, Italy, 13-17 October 2002, pp 71-80

Constraints in the context of Dublin Core:


日本語 (Japanese)
Bibliographic Citation: この資料を引用しようとした場合に、どのように引用すれば良いのかを示した文献引用情報。文献が可能な限り曖昧性が無く特定できるように、十分な文献情報を含めることが望ましい。