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Please note that the Darwin Core information presented here may be out of date. The up-to-date, authoritative source is at http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/.

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Description: Terms under the Record-level Terms section apply to the whole record regardless of the record type. For example, a record for a camera trap bird sighting would fall into the Dublin Core dcterms:type category StillImage and at the same time into the Darwin Core basisOfRecord category MachineObservation - a particular type of Occurrence, so the value of dcterms:type term for the record would be "StillImage" and the value of the basisOfRecord term would be "MachineObservation" to show which kind of Occurrence record it is. All of the rest of the record-level terms would apply to the Occurrence record.

This is a collection within the Darwin Core. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Access RightsBasis of RecordBibliographic CitationCollection IDData GeneralizationsDataset IDDataset NameDynamic PropertiesInformation WithheldInstitution CodeInstitution IDLanguageModifiedOwner Institution CodeReferencesRightsRights HolderType
By concept name: dcterms:accessRightsdcterms:bibliographicCitationdcterms:languagedcterms:modifieddcterms:referencesdcterms:rightsdcterms:rightsHolderdcterms:typedwc:basisOfRecorddwc:collectionIDdwc:dataGeneralizationsdwc:datasetIDdwc:datasetNamedwc:dynamicPropertiesdwc:informationWithhelddwc:institutionCodedwc:institutionIDdwc:ownerInstitutionCode