GGBN Permit Vocabulary

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Principal usage: The GGBN Permit Vocabulary is meant to be used with a 1:many relation for 1 specimen, tissue, or DNA record. This is to allow more than one permit type for each record, e.g. collecting permit, export permit, import permit. Within a Darwin Core-Archive implementation it can be used with both the Occurrence Core and the new defined Material Sample Core. Within ABCD please use the ABCDGGBN implementation. GGBN requirements and recommendations for usage and example content will follow soon.
Scheme: GGBN Data Standard Pencil.png

Description: These terms has been developed for specific GGBN purposes but can be used in broader context too. The permit vocabulary terms are actually specific to the legal aspects of sample acquisition, loaning, and use. The vocabulary is still under review. We appreciate any input or feedback. To do so please contact the GGBN secretariat at ggbn[at] Please visit also the discussion page.

This is a collection within the GGBN Data Standard. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Collecting PermitContractCopyrightData useExpemtion PermitExport PermitGenetically Modified OrganismHuman PathogensImport PermitIntellectual Property Rights (IPR)Internationally Recognized Certificate of Compliance (IRCC)Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC)Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)OtherPatentPermit StatusPermit Status QualifierPermit TextPermit TypePermit URIPermit availablePermit not availablePermit not requiredPhytosanitarySalvageUnknownVeterinary CertificatepermitStatus VocabularypermitType vocabulary
By concept name: ggbn:permitStatusggbn:permitStatusQualifierggbn:permitTextggbn:permitTypeggbn:permitURIggbnvoc:Collecting Permitggbnvoc:Contractggbnvoc:Copyrightggbnvoc:Data useggbnvoc:Exemption Permitggbnvoc:Export Permitggbnvoc:Genetically Modified Organismggbnvoc:Human Pathogensggbnvoc:Import Permitggbnvoc:Intellectual Property Rightsggbnvoc:Internationally Recognized Certificate of Complianceggbnvoc:Material Transfer Agreementggbnvoc:Memorandum of Cooperationggbnvoc:Memorandum of Understandingggbnvoc:Otherggbnvoc:Patentggbnvoc:Permit availableggbnvoc:Permit not availableggbnvoc:Permit not requiredggbnvoc:permitStatus vocabularyggbnvoc:permitType vocabularyggbnvoc:Phytosanitaryggbnvoc:Salvageggbnvoc:Unknownggbnvoc:Veterinary Certificate