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Open issues: 1. How to deal with permit information on specimens collected before Nagoya? -> Need some written recommendations from P&P group!

Notes on recommended changes to GGBN Vocabularies
Per skype discussions on Nov 6, among Gabi, Chris, Ole and Carol, notes prepared by Carol Nov 21 2014
All recommended changes updated in the wiki on 2014-11-30

1. ggbn:permitStatus
Entry of data is MANDATORY (ok, was mandatory already)
ADD “unknown” to Permit Status list (making note that new material cannot be in an “unknown” status) Gabi: done

Gabi: please check the description of this term (it doesn’t really have one!) I’ve added controlled vocabulary terms (see links at Example(s)). ggbn:permitStatus

2. ggbn:permitType
Proposed Definition: a permit is a document that allows someone to take an action that otherwise would not be allowed. Gabi: done

ADD to Notes: IPR, copyright, patent, data use, phytosanitary, salvage, exemption permit, MTA, IRCC, contract, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), veterinary certificate,[placeholder for permit regarding genetically modified organism], human pathogens. Gabi: done

ADD mechanism to indicate that permit is not required by Provider Country or Supplier at date of access or date of in situ collection.

3. ggbn:permitURI
NOTE that we will eventually need a direct link to IRCC. Gabi: done

4. ADD ggbn:permitStatusQualifier
If value of permitStatus = ‘not required’ probably best to have a field qualifying as to why. Gabi: done