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taxon name
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taxon name: The name of a taxon.

Notes: In general this is a scientific name following the convention of the Codes ruling nomenclature (eg International Code for Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), but it can also be a vernacular name as used in field guides. Scientific names are latinized bi- or trinomen at species and infraspecific level, and latinized names at higher taxonomic levels. Names are normalized and the combination of the name can be inferred from the < tp:taxon-name-part>, but they can additionally be given as a name string. External linking to reference databases such as Zoobank is made with the <object-id> element.

      <tp:taxon-name-part taxon-name-part-type="genus">Spigelia</tp:taxon-name-part>
      <tp:taxon-name-part taxon-name-part-type="species">genuflexa</tp:taxon-name-part>
      <object-id xlink:type="simple"></object-id>
      <object-id xlink:type="simple"></object-id>
   <tp:taxon-authority>Popovkin &amp; Struwe</tp:taxon-authority>
   <tp:taxon-status>sp. nov.</tp:taxon-status>
   <xref ref-type="fig" rid="F1">Figs 1</xref>
   <xref ref-type="fig" rid="F2">2</xref>
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