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Collection: MIxS Nucleic Acid Sequence Source Vocabulary Pencil.png
source material identifiers
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source material identifiers: A unique identifier assigned to a material sample (as defined by http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/materialSampleID, and as opposed to a particular digital record of a material sample) used for extracting nucleic acids, and subsequent sequencing. The identifier can refer either to the original material collected or to any derived sub-samples. The INSDC qualifiers /specimen_voucher, /bio_material, or /culture_collection may or may not share the same value as the source_mat_id field. For instance, the /specimen_voucher qualifier and source_mat_id may both contain 'UAM:Herps:14' , referring to both the specimen voucher and sampled tissue with the same identifier. However, the /culture_collection qualifier may refer to a value from an initial culture (e.g. ATCC:11775) while source_mat_id would refer to an identifier from some derived culture from which the nucleic acids were extracted (e.g. xatc123 or ark:/2154/R2)

Expected value: for cultures of microorganisms: identifiers for two culture collections; for other material a unique arbitrary identifer

Requirements (eu, ba, pl, vi, org, me, MIMARKS Survey, MIMARKS Specimen): C C C C C C C C

Value syntax: {text}