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Scheme: MIxS Pencil.png

This is a collection within the MIxS. It contains the following concepts:

By label: IHMC ethnicityIHMC medication codechemical administrationdermatology disorderdominant handhost agehost body producthost body sitehost body temperaturehost body-mass indexhost diethost disease statushost family relationshiphost genotypehost heighthost last mealhost occupationhost phenotypehost pulsehost sexhost subject idhost total massmedical history performedmiscellaneous parameterorganism countoxygenation status of sampleperturbationsample salinitysample storage durationsample storage locationsample storage temperaturesample volume or weight for DNA extractiontemperaturetime since last wash
By concept name: mixs:chem administrationmixs:dermatology disordmixs:dominant handmixs:host agemixs:host body mass indexmixs:host body productmixs:host body sitemixs:host body tempmixs:host dietmixs:host disease statmixs:host family relationshipmixs:host genotypemixs:host heightmixs:host last mealmixs:host occupationmixs:host phenotypemixs:host pulsemixs:host sexmixs:host subject idmixs:host tot massmixs:ihmc ethnicitymixs:ihmc medication codemixs:medic hist performmixs:misc parammixs:organism countmixs:oxy stat sampmixs:perturbationmixs:samp salinitymixs:samp store durmixs:samp store locmixs:samp store tempmixs:samp vol we dna extmixs:tempmixs:time since last wash