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Scheme: MIxS Pencil.png
Collections: mixs:host-associated Pencil.png, mixs:human-associated Pencil.png, mixs:human-gut Pencil.png, mixs:human-oral Pencil.png, mixs:human-skin Pencil.png, mixs:human-vaginal Pencil.png
host body site
No type definition was found for "host_body_site" in the mixs import.
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host body site: name of body site where the sample was obtained from, such as a specific organ or tissue (tongue, lung etc...). For Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology (FMA) (v 3.1) terms, please see http://purl.bioontology.org/ontology/FMA

Expected value: FMA
Value syntax: {term}
Occurrence: 1
Requirement: within package mixs:host-associated: X
Requirement: within package mixs:human-associated: X
Requirement: within package mixs:human-gut: X
Requirement: within package mixs:human-oral: X
Requirement: within package mixs:human-skin: X
Requirement: within package mixs:human-vaginal: X