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State Province
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State Province: The name of the next smaller administrative region than country (state, province, canton, department, region, etc.) in which the Location occurs.

Notes: The name of this term is not meant to limit its content to the names of states or provinces. The term name is a legacy from the original version of the Darwin Core. Despite the term's name, the content has always been intended to include the name of a first-level administrative subdivision of a country.

See dcterms:Location for further discussion of geographic terms.

Example(s): "Montana", "Minas Gerais", "Córdoba"


Español (Spanish)
Estado/Provincia: El nombre de la siguiente región administrativa de menor jerarquía que País (estado, provincia, cantón, departamento, región, etc.) de la ubicación.
Ejemplo: "Montana", "Minas Gerais", "Córdoba"
中文(简体)‎ (Simplified Chinese)
州/省: 事件发生地的州/省名称,与国家(州,省,部,地区等)相比下一较小的行政区域。
日本語 (Japanese)
State Province: その位置が存在する、国の下位の行政区分(州、県、小郡、省、区など)の名前。
Français (French)
État/Province: Le nom de l'unité administrative suivant et plus petite que le pays (état, province, canton, département, région, etc.) correspondant à la localisation de l'événement.
Exemple: "Montana", "Minas Gerais", "Cordoue"
Norsk bokmål (Norwegian)
Stat, provins: Navnet på den neste mindre administrativ region enn landet (stat, provins, kanton, avdeling, region, etc.) der lokaliteten ligger.
Example: "Montana", "Minas Gerais", "Córdoba".