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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to https://dwc.tdwg.org/terms/#dwc:infraspecificEpithet

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Infraspecific Epithet
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Infraspecific Epithet: The name of the lowest or terminal infraspecific epithet of the scientificName, excluding any rank designation.

Notes: The infraspecificEpithet should only be the terminal name part - the part of the name with the lowest or most specific rank. Thus, given the scientificName "Carex viridula subsp. brachyrrhyncha var. elatior", the atomized Taxon terms for this name would be:

genus: Carex

specificEpithet: viridula

infraspecificEpithet: elatior

taxonRank: varietas

scientificNameAuthorship: (Schltdl.) Crins

Ideally the scientific name would include the authorship and have three parts to comply with the nomenclatural code (ICBN in this case):

Carex viridula var. elatior (Schltdl.) Crins

Example(s): "concolor", "oxyadenia", "sayi"


Español (Spanish)
Epíteto infraespecífico: El nombre del epíteto infraespecífico más bajo o terminal del Nombre Científico, excluyendo cualquier otra denominación de nivel.
Ejemplo: "concolor", "oxyadenia", "sayi"
中文(简体)‎ (Simplified Chinese)
种内名称: 学名的最低等级或末端的种内别名,不包括任何等级名称。
日本語 (Japanese)
Infraspecific Epithet: 最下層の、あるいは種以下の学名の別名。階層指示記号は除く。
Français (French)
épithète infraspécifique: Le nom de l'épithète infraspécifique le plus bas ou terminal du nom scientifique rentré dans le champs scientificName, excluant toute désignation de rang.