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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to https://dwc.tdwg.org/terms/#dwc:georeferenceVerificationStatus

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Georeference Verification Status
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Georeference Verification Status: A categorical description of the extent to which the georeference has been verified to represent the best possible spatial description. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary.

Notes: The recommended controlled vocabulary includes:

verified by data custodian
verified by contributor

The data contributor is the agent who participated in the Event that produced the Location. Verification by the contributor means that the georeference as recorded is correct and as specific as it can be based on the contributor's personal knowledge of the event and location.

The data custodian is the agent responsible for the management of the primary source of the record. Verification by the data custodian means that the georeference as recorded is correct and as specific as it can be based on the all of the resources at the disposal of the agent (field notes, maps, labels) in the absence of verification by the contributor.

All other georeferences, those produced without consulting all existing primary sources, should be "unverified".

See dcterms:Location for further discussion of georeference terms.

Example(s): "requires verification", "verified by collector", "verified by curator"


Español (Spanish)
Estado de Verificación de la Georreferenciación: Una descripción categórica de la medida en que se ha verificado la georreferencia para representar, de la mejor manera, la descripción espacial. La práctica recomendada es el uso de un vocabulario controlado.
Ejemplo: "requiere verificación", "verificado por colector", "verificado por curador".
中文(简体)‎ (Simplified Chinese)
地理参考确认状态: 一个已证实代表最好的空间描述的地理参考范围的分类描述。建议最佳做法是使用一个控制性词汇。
日本語 (Japanese)
Georeference Verification Status: その地理参照が、どの程度有効な空間記述であるかの分類。管理された語彙の使用を推奨。