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Scheme: Audubon Core Development Pencil.png
Collections: Audubon Core Management Vocabulary Pencil.png, Audubon Core Layer 1 Pencil.png
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Subtype: Any of Drawing, Painting, Logo, Icon, Illustration, Graphic, Photograph, Animation, Film, SlideShow, DesignPlan, Diagram, Map, MusicalNotation, IdentificationKey, ScannedText, RecordedText, RecordedOrganism, TaxonPage, MultimediaLearningObject, VirtualRealityEnvironment, GlossaryPage. Values may be used either in their literal form, or with a full namespace from a controlled vocabulary. Notes: Audubon Core: This does not apply to Collection objects. The vocabulary may be extended by users provided they identify the term by a URI which is not in the ac namespace (for example, using ""). Conforming applications may choose to ignore these.
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