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Metadata Language
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Metadata Language: Language of description and other metadata (but not necessarily of the image itself) represented in ISO639-1 or -3.

Notes: This is NOT dcterms:language [1], which is about the resource, not the metadata. Metadata Language is deliberately single-valued, imposing for unstructured serializations a requirement that multi-lingual metadata be represented as separate, complete, metadata records. Audubon Core requires that each record also contains the language-neutral terms. In the absence of this requirement, metadata consumers would need to known which terms are language-neutral and merge these terms from all provided metadataLanguages into a single record. Metadata consumers may re-combine the information based on the dcterms:identifier that identifies the multimedia resource.

Nothing in this document would, however, prevent an implementer, e. g. of an XML-Schema representation, from providing a fully hierarchical schema in which language neutral terms occur only a single time, and only the language-specific terms are repeated in a way that unambiguously relates them to a metadata language. In RDF it may be a simple repetition of plain literals associated with a language (e.g. xml:lang attribute in RDF/XML). The language attribute would then be required in Audubon Core and would replace ac:metadataLanguage.

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Constraints in the context of Audubon Core Development:

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