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Service Access Point
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Service Access Point: In a chosen serialization (RDF, XML Schema, etc.) the potentially multiple service access points (e.g. for different resolutions of an image) might be provided in a referenced or in a nested object. This property identifies one such access point. That is, each of potentially multiple values of hasServiceAccessPoint identifies a set of representation-dependent metadata using the properties defined under the section Service Access Point Vocabulary.

Notes: Audubon Core: Some serializations may flatten the model of service-access points by (a) dropping ac:hasServiceAccessPoint, ac:variant and ac:variantDescription, (b) repeating the properties of the Service Access Point Vocabulary and prefixing them with values of ac:variant. If such a flat serialization is necessary for services, we recommend to select from among terms of the form "AB" where "A" is one of thumbnail, trailer, lowerQuality, mediumQuality, goodQuality, bestQuality, offline and "B" is one of AccessURI, Format, Extent, FurtherInformationURL, LicensingException, ServiceExpectation (example: thumbnailAccessURI).

Implementers in specific constraint languages such as XML Schema or RDF may wish to make Access URI and perhaps dcterms:format mandatory on instances of the service access point.