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KOS Wiki

The KOS Wiki is built on the example and recommendations of the Species-ID wiki. The Semantic MediaWiki provides a user-friendly and simple interface to describe biodiversity metadata information resources such as the terms and concepts for data exchange schema and controlled value vocabularies. Each resource is described by a separate Wiki page. The Semantic Wiki format provides an easy to use syntax for making semantic markup to describe these resources. The aim is to lower the technical threshold for domain experts to contribute to the description and maintenance of vocabulary resources that can be automatically extracted as RDF.

The descriptions here at the KOS wiki will be used as a basis for maintaining the normative RDF vocabularies. The normative RDF vocabularies are planned to be published and made available from the GBIF registry (http://rs.gbif.org). These normative RDF vocabularies can also be configured to link individual terms and concepts to the descriptions at the KOS Wiki when this is relevant.


User Evaluation

Vocabulary Management Task Group (VoMaG) members and other users are most welcome to provide evaluation of the Vocabulary Wiki here. Please focus your user evaluation on the suitability of the Semantic Wiki as a tool to develop and maintain RDF Vocabularies of basic concepts. You may also use the Discussion page.