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Originally this vocabulary was meant to be used with a 1:1 relation for 1 specimen, tissue, or DNA record. In November 2014 it has been expanded by loanDestination, loanDate and loanIdentifier and therefore must turn into a 1:many relation for 1 specimen, tissue or DNA record. This 0..n relation has be updated for all terms on 2014-11-30.

Notes on recommended changes to GGBN Vocabularies
Per skype discussions on Nov 6, among Gabi, Chris, Ole and Carol, notes prepared by Carol Nov 21 2014
All recommended changes updated in the wiki on 2014-11-30
1. abcd:AcquiredFrom
change to “Received From” New description: Name of person and/or organization the unit was received from. Person/Institution who authorized the loan of the material. From the perspective of the owner of the material, this type of loan is incoming. New Examples(s): e.g. lender or recipient of a strain, sample, specimen etc. Gabi: done ADD Loan number -> Gabi: done as ggbn:loanIdentifier

2. dwc:associated References
ADD Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) to the list of examples, as MTAs can affect ggbn:blocked status. Gabi: done, added as Notes

3. dwc:disposition
ADD “consumed” to list of Examples. Gabi: done, added as Notes

4. ggbn:loanConditions
New Example(s): for non-commercial institutions only; only with permission of material supplier Gabi: done

5. ADD a concept for “LoanedTo” to complement the concept of “Received From”. Both parties in a loan transaction should be able to use this Vocabulary. Gabi: added loanDestination und loanDate, since the Australian Herbaria have done this couple of years ago already (standard called HISPID (extension for ABCD))

From the perspective of the owner of materials, loans can be characterized as incoming (also can be called “borrows”) or outgoing. Gabi: added to Notes

The party providing access is thus the lender, and the party receiving access is the borrower. Lenders send outgoing loans, borrowers receive incoming loans. Gabi: added to Notes

LoanedTo: Name of person and/or organization the unit was sent to. Person/Institution who received the material. Gabi: done as loanedDestination

NOTE: in this instance, “sent” is not equivalent to “shipped”. A shipment can be directed to a recipient who is not the actual intended responsible party; many organizations have shipping offices to handle packages. Gabi: done (notes for loanedDestination)