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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "terms-internal:enDefinition" with value "A related resource.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • dwc:MaterialSample  + (A physical results of a sampling (or subsampling) event. In biological collections, the material sample is typically collected, and either preserved or destructively processed.)
  • abcd2:Gathering-NearNamedPlace  + (A place name that does not directly apply to the collection or observation location, but is more or less specifically related to it (the relationship can be described with the element {{{NamedPlaceRelation}}}.)
  • abcd2:Identification-Extension  + (A placeholder for a temporary extension to include non-taxonomic identification results not yet covered by the schema. This serves to accommodate urgent inter-version additions to the unit-object schema.)
  • dc:date  + (A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.)
  • dcterms:date  + (A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.)
  • biorel:has participant  + (A process or function "a" has as a participant process, function or organism part "b".)
  • biorel:participates in  + (A process, function or organism part "a" participates in a process or function "b".)
  • tp:taxon-treatment  + (A publication or section of a publication documenting the features or distribution of a related group of organisms (called a “taxon”, plural “taxa”) in ways adhering to highly formalized conventions.)
  • abcd2:UnitReference  + (A published reference citing this unit.)
  • abcd2:SpecimenUnit-NomenclaturalReference  + (A published reference.)
  • abcd2:Identification-Reference  + (A reference (e.g. an article or monograph)
    A reference (e.g. an article or monograph) that was used as the base for the identifier's taxon identification (e.g. by means of providing a key or a description of the taxon). It circumscribes the taxon identified (and thus can act as a potential taxon's sec. reference).
    ct as a potential taxon's sec. reference).)
  • dwc:namePublishedIn  + (A reference for the publication in which the scientificName was originally established under the rules of the associated nomenclaturalCode.)
  • abcd2:Unit-SourceReference  + (A reference that is the source of the information about the unit given in this record.<br/><br/>Published reference from where the information on this unit originated.)
  • vann:usageNote  + (A reference to a resource that provides information on how this resource is to be used.)
  • ac:associatedSpecimenReference  + (A reference to a specimen associated with this resource.)
  • ac:associatedObservationReference  + (A reference to an observation associated with this resource.)
  • ac:derivedFrom  + (A reference to an original resource from which the current one is derived.)
  • tp:material-citation  + (A reference to biological material (e.g., a specimen, an observation) including those used as the basis of a taxonomic description.)
  • abcd2:Gathering-Permits-Permit  + (A reference to or the text of a permit related to the gathering.)
  • ggbn:permitURI  + (A reference to the permit related to the gathering or shipping event)
  • abcd2:CultureCollectionUnit-Reference  + (A references for the culture conditions and method or for a description of the strain.)
  • dcterms:source  + (A related resource from which the described resource is derived.)
  • dc:source  + (A related resource from which the described resource is derived.)
  • dcterms:isPartOf  + (A related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included.)
  • dcterms:hasVersion  + (A related resource that is a version, edition, or adaptation of the described resource.)
  • dcterms:references  + (A related resource that is referenced, cited, or otherwise pointed to by the described resource.)