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taxon treatment
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taxon treatment: A publication or section of a publication documenting the features or distribution of a related group of organisms (called a “taxon”, plural “taxa”) in ways adhering to highly formalized conventions.

Notes: A treatment can be anything from very short to very long.
A treatment must have a nomenclature element and at least one of the following:

         <tp:taxon-name-part taxon-name-part-type="genus">Monomorium</tp:taxon-name-part>
         <tp:taxon-name-part taxon-name-part-type="species">dryhimi</tp:taxon-name-part>
         <object-id xlink:type="simple"></object-id>
         <object-id xlink:type="simple"></object-id>
      <tp:taxon-authority>Aldawood &amp; Sharaf</tp:taxon-authority>
      <tp:taxon-status xlink:type="simple">sp. n.</tp:taxon-status>
      <xref ref-type="fig" rid="F1">Figs 1–7</xref>
   <tp:treatment-sec sec-type="description">  
      <title>Holotype worker.</title>
         <p>TL1.84, HL 0.48, HW 0.34, SL 0.31, ML 0.46, EL 0.08, PRW 0.22, PL 0.14, PW 0.11, 
            PPL 0.08, PPW 0.11, SI 91, CI 71.</p>
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