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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "skos:definition" with value "en:A reference to the permit related to the gathering or shipping event". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • veg:sampleSize  + (en:A numeric value for the time duration, length, area or volume involved in the sampling.Units should not be included as these are stated in the complementary term Sample Unit.)
  • tp:descriptive-statement-part  + (en:A part of a morphological trait.)
  • dwc:Organism  + (en:A particular organism or defined group of organisms considered to be taxonomically homogeneous.)
  • ggbn:permitType  + (en:A permit is a document that allows someone to take an action that otherwise would not be allowed.)
  • abcd2:GatheringAgent  + (en:A person or one of a group of persons,
    en:A person or one of a group of persons, team(s), or organisations responsible for collecting or recording.<br/><br/>Attributes can be used to indicate a primary collector and a sequence number. <br/><br/>The first collector, which may be flagged by means of an attribute,is normally a single person in charge of the field book to which records are added or the team leader. It may be the person whose collection number is cited but it could be an organisation name if the collector is not known. Further collectors who were part of the team or other individuals who may have passed specimens or data onto the team can be cited as well.
    r data onto the team can be cited as well.)
  • dcterms:rightsHolder  + (en:A person or organization owning or managing rights over the resource.)
  • dwc:MaterialSample  + (en:A physical results of a sampling (or subsampling) event. In biological collections, the material sample is typically collected, and either preserved or destructively processed.)
  • abcd2:Gathering-NearNamedPlace  + (en:A place name that does not directly apply to the collection or observation location, but is more or less specifically related to it (the relationship can be described with the element {{{NamedPlaceRelation}}}.)
  • abcd2:Identification-Extension  + (en:A placeholder for a temporary extension to include non-taxonomic identification results not yet covered by the schema. This serves to accommodate urgent inter-version additions to the unit-object schema.)
  • dc:date  + (en:A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.)
  • dcterms:date  + (en:A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.)
  • biorel:has participant  + (en:A process or function "a" has as a participant process, function or organism part "b".)
  • biorel:participates in  + (en:A process, function or organism part "a" participates in a process or function "b".)
  • tp:taxon-treatment  + (en:A publication or section of a publication documenting the features or distribution of a related group of organisms (called a “taxon”, plural “taxa”) in ways adhering to highly formalized conventions.)
  • abcd2:UnitReference  + (en:A published reference citing this unit.)
  • abcd2:SpecimenUnit-NomenclaturalReference  + (en:A published reference.)
  • abcd2:Identification-Reference  + (en:A reference (e.g. an article or monogra
    en:A reference (e.g. an article or monograph) that was used as the base for the identifier's taxon identification (e.g. by means of providing a key or a description of the taxon). It circumscribes the taxon identified (and thus can act as a potential taxon's sec. reference).
    ct as a potential taxon's sec. reference).)
  • dwc:namePublishedIn  + (en:A reference for the publication in which the scientificName was originally established under the rules of the associated nomenclaturalCode.)
  • abcd2:Unit-SourceReference  + (en:A reference that is the source of the information about the unit given in this record.<br/><br/>Published reference from where the information on this unit originated.)
  • vann:usageNote  + (en:A reference to a resource that provides information on how this resource is to be used.)
  • ac:associatedSpecimenReference  + (en:A reference to a specimen associated with this resource.)
  • ac:associatedObservationReference  + (en:A reference to an observation associated with this resource.)
  • ac:derivedFrom  + (en:A reference to an original resource from which the current one is derived.)
  • tp:material-citation  + (en:A reference to biological material (e.g., a specimen, an observation) including those used as the basis of a taxonomic description.)
  • abcd2:Gathering-Permits-Permit  + (en:A reference to or the text of a permit related to the gathering.)
  • ggbn:permitURI  + (en:A reference to the permit related to the gathering or shipping event)
  • abcd2:CultureCollectionUnit-Reference  + (en:A references for the culture conditions and method or for a description of the strain.)
  • dcterms:source  + (en:A related resource from which the described resource is derived.)
  • dc:source  + (en:A related resource from which the described resource is derived.)
  • dcterms:isPartOf  + (en:A related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included.)
  • dcterms:hasVersion  + (en:A related resource that is a version, edition, or adaptation of the described resource.)
  • dcterms:references  + (en:A related resource that is referenced, cited, or otherwise pointed to by the described resource.)
  • dc:relation  + (en:A related resource.)
  • dcterms:relation  + (en:A related resource.)
  • dwc:ResourceRelationship  + (en:A relationship of one rdfs:Resource ( to another.)
  • abcd2:UnitAssociation  + (en:A relationship or association of this unit with another unit in this dataset.)
  • dwctype:FossilSpecimen  + (en:A resource describing a fossilized specimen.)
  • dwctype:LivingSpecimen  + (en:A resource describing a living specimen.)
  • dwctype:NomenclaturalChecklist  + (en:A resource describing a nomenclatural checklist.)
  • dwctype:PreservedSpecimen  + (en:A resource describing a preserved specimen.)
  • dwctype:Location  + (en:A resource describing an instance of the Location class.)
  • dwctype:Occurrence  + (en:A resource describing an instance of the Occurrence class.)
  • dwctype:Taxon  + (en:A resource describing an instance of the Taxon class.)
  • dwctype:MachineObservation  + (en:A resource describing an observation made by a machine)
  • dwctype:HumanObservation  + (en:A resource describing an observation made by one or more people.)
  • abcd2:DataSet-TaxonomicTerm  + (en:A scientific or common taxon name of higher rank, or another term for a group of organisms that serves to describe the - or part of the - taxonomic scope of the source queried. A list of recommended terms should be developed.)
  • tp:nomenclature-citation-list  + (en:A section in a treatment that includes the citation of one or several previous treatments of the taxon.)
  • tp:treatment-sec  + (en:A section of a taxonomic treatment. For example, diagnosis, materials examined, etymology, etc.)
  • abcd2:Sequence  + (en:A sequence derived from this unit.<br/><br/>A first proposal for this type of data.)
  • abcd2:DataSet-IPRStatements  + (en:A sequence of statements related to intellectual property rights, credit and acknowledgements for the dataset. This can be used as source for the Darwin Core element "Rights". Giving a copyright statement and a licence is highly recommended!)
  • abcd2:Unit-IPRStatements  + (en:A sequence of statements related to intellectual property rights, credit and acknowledgements for the individual unit record. Where different from equivalent statements on the level of the dataset, these take preference.)