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Used in scheme(s): Dublin Core, Audubon Core Development, Darwin Core
Has type

Type “Text”

  • holds text of arbitrary length
  • can be Wiki code (except <nowiki> content)
  • can be searched partially: if text is ≤ 72 characters it's all searchable, if text is > 72 characters then only the first 40 characters can be searched
  • is better set with parser function #set than with [[dcterms:rights::long text possibly having […] text ]]

See also types defined by Semantic MediaWiki and Special:Properties for all properties.

Is subproperty of
Imported from (DCMI Metadata Terms)
See also import page MediaWiki:Smw_import_dcterms
This page lists all occurrences of Rights (= Property:dcterms:rights) in TDWG Terms Wiki. See also the concept page of dcterms:rights (possibly with detailed information).
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A concept page is supposed to be in the article name space holding more detailed definitions, notes, relations etc. than the basic settings here on the property page.

The SMW-import-page (MediaWiki:Smw import dcterms) defines a name space prefix “dcterms” and the following pages (=concepts or concept collections “Folder-silk.png”):
abstract Add.png │ accessRights Pencil.png │ accrualMethod Add.png │ accrualPeriodicity Add.png │ accrualPolicy Add.png │ alternative Add.png │ audience Add.png │ available Pencil.png │ bibliographicCitation Pencil.png │ conformsTo Add.png │ contributor Pencil.png │ coverage Pencil.png │ created Pencil.png │ creator Pencil.png │ date Pencil.png │ dateAccepted Add.png │ dateCopyrighted Add.png │ dateSubmitted Add.png │ description Pencil.png │ educationLevel Add.png │ extent Pencil.png │ format Pencil.png │ hasFormat Add.png │ hasPart Pencil.png │ hasVersion Pencil.png │ identifier Pencil.png │ instructionalMethod Add.png │ isFormatOf Add.png │ isPartOf Pencil.png │ isReferencedBy Add.png │ isReplacedBy Pencil.png │ isRequiredBy Add.png │ issued Pencil.png │ isVersionOf Add.png │ language Pencil.png │ license Pencil.png │ mediator Add.png │ medium Add.png │ modified Pencil.png │ provenance Add.png │ publisher Pencil.png │ references Pencil.png │ relation Pencil.png │ replaces 
Type:Page on import page MediaWiki:Smw_import_dcterms does not match Has type:Annotation URI on page Property:dcterms:replaces! “Type:Page” is most suited for reused concepts. To be resolved correctly point always to “Property:myns:myimportedconcept”.
Pencil.png │ requires Add.png │ rights Pencil.png │ rightsHolder Pencil.png │ source Pencil.png │ spatial Add.png │ subject Pencil.png │ tableOfContents Add.png │ temporal Pencil.png │ title Pencil.png │ type Pencil.png │ valid Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Agent Add.png │ Folder-silk.png AgentClass Add.png │ Folder-silk.png BibliographicResource Add.png │ Folder-silk.png FileFormat Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Frequency Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Jurisdiction Add.png │ Folder-silk.png LicenseDocument Add.png │ Folder-silk.png LinguisticSystem Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Location Add.png │ Folder-silk.png LocationPeriodOrJurisdiction Add.png │ Folder-silk.png MediaType Add.png │ Folder-silk.png MediaTypeOrExtent Add.png │ Folder-silk.png MethodOfAccrual Add.png │ Folder-silk.png MethodOfInstruction Add.png │ Folder-silk.png PeriodOfTime Add.png │ Folder-silk.png PhysicalMedium Add.png │ Folder-silk.png PhysicalResource Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Policy Add.png │ Folder-silk.png ProvenanceStatement Add.png │ Folder-silk.png RightsStatement Add.png │ Folder-silk.png SizeOrDuration Add.png │ Folder-silk.png Standard Add.png



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