GGBN Single Read Vocabulary

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Scheme: GGBN Data Standard Pencil.png

Description: These terms have been developed for specific GGBN purposes but can be used in any other molecular context. The single read vocabulary terms are specific to the aspects of a single read, including chromatograms. The vocabulary is still under review. We appreciate any input or feedback. To do so please contact the GGBN secretariat at ggbn[at]

This is a collection within the GGBN Data Standard. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Chromatogram File URIFragment LengthPrimer NamePrimer Reference CitationPrimer Reference LinkPrimer SequenceSequencing DateSequencing DirectionSequencing MethodSequencing StaffSingle SequenceSingle Sequence Length
By concept name: ggbn:chromatogramFileURIggbn:fragmentLengthggbn:primerNameggbn:primerReferenceCitationggbn:primerReferenceLinkggbn:primerSequenceggbn:sequencingDateggbn:sequencingDirectionggbn:sequencingMethodggbn:sequencingStaffggbn:singleSequenceggbn:singleSequenceLength

This concept collection is itself member of collection GGBN Amplification Vocabulary.

Principal usage: The GGBN Single Read Vocabulary is meant to be used with a 1:many:many relation for 1 DNA record. This is to cover all single reads done with a single DNA sample. Currently it is not possible to use this vocabulary within Darwin Core-Archive, since Darwin Core-Archive is based on the Star Schema, allowing a maximum of 2 levels (1:many, not 1:many:many). GGBN is working on a solution together with the Darwin Core and GBIF team. If you want to use this vocabulary, please use ABCDGGBN instead. The advantages of the complex ABCD structure allow full support for this vocabulary. GGBN requirements and recommendations for usage and example content will follow soon.