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Please note that the Darwin Core information presented here may be out of date. The up-to-date, authoritative source is at http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/.

Scheme: Darwin Core Pencil.png

Description: A particular organism or defined group of organisms considered to be taxonomically homogeneous.

Notes: Instances of the Organism class are intended to facilitate linking of one or more Identification instances to one or more Occurrence instances. Therefore, things that are typically assigned scientific names (such as viruses, hybrids, and lichens) and aggregates whose occurrences are typically recorded (such as packs, clones, and colonies) are included in the scope of this class.

This is a collection within the Darwin Core. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Associated OccurrencesAssociated OrganismsOrganism IDOrganism NameOrganism RemarksOrganism ScopePrevious Identifications
By concept name: dwc:associatedOccurrencesdwc:associatedOrganismsdwc:organismIDdwc:organismNamedwc:organismRemarksdwc:organismScopedwc:previousIdentifications