Audubon Core Service Access Point Vocabulary

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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to

Scheme: Audubon Core Pencil.png

Description: These terms are representation-dependent metadata, referring to specific digital representations of a resource (e.g. a specific resolution, quality, or format). They are not intended for the abstract media resource (e.g. the image irrespective of represention, resolution, format) that is identified by dcterms:identifier.

The terms are to be used within a Service Access Point, which in many implementation will be accessed through the Service Access Point property.

This is a collection within the Audubon Core. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Access URIExtentFormatFurther Information URLLicensing Exception StatementService ExpectationVariantVariant Description
By concept name: ac:accessURIac:furtherInformationURLac:licensingExceptionac:serviceExpectationac:variantac:variantDescriptiondcterms:extentdcterms:format