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Variant: What this ServiceAccessPoint provides. Suggested values are "Thumbnail", "Trailer", "Lower Quality", "Medium Quality", "Good Quality", "Best Quality", "Offline"


  • Thumbnail: ServiceAccessPoint provides a thumbnail image, short sound clip, or short movie clip that can be used in addition to the resource to represent the media object, typically at lower quality and higher compression than the preview object. A typical size for a tiny thumbnail image may be 50-100 pixels in the longer dimension.
  • Trailer: ServiceAccessPoint provides video clip preview, in the form of a specifically authored "Trailer", which may provide somewhat different content than the original resource.
  • Lower Quality: ServiceAccessPoint provides a lower quality version of the media resource, suitable e. g. for web sites.
  • Medium Quality: ServiceAccessPoint provides a medium quality version of the media resource, e. g. shortened in duration, or reduced size, using lower resolution or higher compression causing moderate artifacts.
  • Good Quality: ServiceAccessPoint provides a good quality version of the media resource intended for resources displayed as primary information; e. g. an image between 800 and 1600 px in width or height.
  • Best Quality: ServiceAccessPoint provides the highest available quality of the media resource, whatever its resolution or quality level.
  • Offline: ServiceAccessPoint provides data about an offline resource.