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This page contains examples of usage of Audubon Core in tabular form. It is not normative and at this writing contains only proposals.

When using a simple spreadsheet or single tables for data management, it may be necessary to flatten the ac accesspoint structure, i.e. the values of the ac:variant: "Thumbnail", "Trailer", "Lower Quality", "Medium Quality", "Good Quality", "Best Quality", "Offline" are used as prefixes for additional properties in a special acf (Audubon Core Flattened) namespace.

Example 1:

http// red beech leaf

Example 2:

This unfolds Example 1 and shows the approach illustrated near the bottom of the section Multiplicty/Cardinality in the AC normative page. As there, this is simply an unfolding of the table of Example 1 comes only at the cost of two additional cells per variant, namely the repeated required terms. It also requires a second, single row table that is a proper subtable of the Example 1. It needs no new terminolgy, and if it did, so would all the other cases mentioned in Multiplicty/Cardinality. There is no requirement stated in AC that a tabular representation have only one row, but a question arises as to how best to serve AC users who require such a representation.

dcterms:identifierdcterms:title VariantIndependentTerm1VariantIndependentTerm2...
http// red beech leafvalue1value2...
http// red beech leafThumbnail
http// Good Quality
http// Best Quality