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nomenclature citation
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nomenclature citation: The citation of a nomenclatorial act or other citation of the taxon in the published record.

Notes: A citation can be very detailed including all the elements of a nomenclatorial event, that is the original combination of the name, the original publication including often the page of publication, type specimen and its depository institution and current status. The citation can also be complemented by the indication that this particular taxon is being synonymized with the nominate taxon, its status is being changed, its being a homonym, or all of this happened in an earlier publication which is then followed by a complementary bibliographic reference. A citation can also be a reference to a so far unknown life form (eg. male, larvae), karyotype or chance of the status of type, such as the selection of a neotype or a lectotype.

      <comment>Dahl, 1908: 361. Type species:
         <tp:taxon-name>Lycosa nemoralis</tp:taxon-name>
         Westring, 1861.
            <xref ref-type="bibr" rid="B18">Roewer, 1960</xref>: 889. Type species:
            <tp:taxon-name>Tarentula flavitibia</tp:taxon-name>
            Saito, 1934.
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