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This is the description of a vocabulary concept from the Interaction vocabulary of concepts (controlled values). This term is imported from spi:SugarFungus and has type String.

Properties Values
Name skos:prefLabel sugar fungus
Identifier dcterms:identifier http://rs.gbif.org/terms/tdwg/interaction#SugarFungus
Definition skos:definition Fungus that live on sugars and carbon compounds simpler than cellulose in the initial decomposition stage.
Issued dcterms:issued 2012-03-21
Modified dcterms:modified 2012-03-22
Scheme skos:inScheme http://rs.gbif.org/terms/tdwg/interaction
Namespace rdfs:isDefinedBy http://rs.gbif.org/terms/tdwg/interaction
See also rdfs:seeAlso http://vocabularies.gbif.org/Interaction/SugarFungus
Status vs:term_status unstable
Type rdf:type skos:Concept