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investigation type
No type definition was found for "investigation_type" in the mixs import.
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investigation type: Nucleic Acid Sequence Report is the root element of all MIGS/MIMS compliant reports as standardized by Genomic Standards Consortium. This field is either eukaryote,bacteria,virus,plasmid,organelle, metagenome,mimarks-survey, or mimarks-specimen

Expected value: eukaryote, bacteria_archaea, plasmid, virus, organelle, metagenome,mimarks-survey or mimarks-specimen

Requirements (eu, ba, pl, vi, org, me, MIMARKS Survey, MIMARKS Specimen): M M M M M M M M

Value syntax: [eukaryote|bacteria_archaea|plasmid|virus|organelle|metagenome|mimarks-survey|mimarks-specimen]