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Collection: MIxS Environment Vocabulary Pencil.png
geographic location (country and/or sea,region)
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geographic location (country and/or sea,region): The geographical origin of the sample as defined by the country or sea name followed by specific region name. Country or sea names should be chosen from the INSDC country list (http://insdc.org/country.html), or the GAZ ontology (v 1.512) (http://purl.bioontology.org/ontology/GAZ)

Example(s): Germany:Sylt:Hausstrand

Expected value: country or sea name (INSDC or GAZ):region(GAZ):specific location name

Requirements (eu, ba, pl, vi, org, me, MIMARKS Survey, MIMARKS Specimen): M M M M M M M M

Value syntax: {term}:{term}:{text}