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environmental package
No type definition was found for "env_package" in the mixs import.
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environmental package: MIGS/MIMS/MIMARKS extension for reporting of measurements and observations obtained from one or more of the environments where the sample was obtained. All environmental packages listed here are further defined in separate subtables. By giving the name of the environmental package, a selection of fields can be made from the subtables and can be reported

Expected value: enumeration

Requirements (eu, ba, pl, vi, org, me, MIMARKS Survey, MIMARKS Specimen): M M M M M M M M

Value syntax: [air|built environment|host-associated|human-associated|human-skin|human-oral|human-gut|human-vaginal|microbial mat/biofilm|misc environment|plant-associated|sediment|soil|wastewater/sludge|water]