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This is the description of a vocabulary concept from the GeoTime vocabulary of concepts (controlled values). This term is imported from geotime:Phanerozoic and has type Annotation URI.

Properties Values
Name skos:prefLabel Phanerozoic
Identifier dcterms:identifier
Definition skos:definition Geological time period.
Range type geotime:rangetype Eon
Start geotime:start 542 million years ago
End geotime:end 0 million years ago
Created dcterms:created 2012-05-02
Modified dcterms:modified 2012-05-02
Has version dcterms:hasVersion
Group vann:termGroup
Scheme skos:inScheme
Namespace rdfs:isDefinedBy
See also rdfs:seeAlso
Status vs:term_status unstable
Type rdf:type skos:Concept