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Example(s): Example sentences from FOC V11, V12, V23 : [1] leaf blade purplish glaucous abaxially, brownish and opaque adaxially, elliptic or lanceolate-elliptic, 9–13 (–16 )× 3–5 (–7 .5 )cm, thinly leathery, pubescent abaxially, glabrous except scurfy-pilosulose on slightly elevated veins adaxially, triplinerved, basal lateral veins arising 2–6 mm above leaf base, oblique, with few additional veins extending to leaf margin, other lateral veins 2 or 3 pairs, arising from above 1/3 or 1/2 of leaf blade, arcuate, parallel, not interconnected, and not reaching leaf apex, transverse veins dense, curved, conspicuous abaxially and inconspicuous adaxially, base cuneate, apex acuminate. [2] leaf blade purplish brown and opaque abaxially, yellowish brown and shiny adaxially, elliptic to oblong, 13–16.5 × 5.5–8.3 cm, papery, rusty pilose mainly along midrib abaxially, glabrous adaxially, lateral veins 5–7 pairs, arcuate and interconnected by buds, lowest ones always very close to leaf margin, lateral veins, midrib, and transverse veins conspicuously elevated abaxially, very impressed adaxially, veinlets ± visible and finely foveolate abaxially, obscure adaxially, base broadly cuneate, margin slightly revolute, apex shortly acuminate or sometimes obtuse.