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evanescent: (“Definition” is missing, please add it.)

Example(s): Example sentences from FNA V27, V7, FOC V22, V7 : [1] leaf blade opaque and greenish white abaxially, shiny and brownish green when dry adaxially, elliptic-lanceolate, 5.5–11 × 1.6–4 (–5 )cm, papery, glabrous on both surfaces, triplinerved, midrib and basal lateral veins elevated on both surfaces, basal lateral veins arising at or up to 5 mm above leaf base, arcuate, evanescent under leaf apex, transverse veins undulate and parallel, ± conspicuous on both surfaces, veinlets irregularly reticulate, ± conspicuous abaxially, base acute or subrounded, apex acuminate. [2] leaf blade elliptic or elliptic-oblanceolate, 10–15 × 5–7 cm, subleathery, white sericeous on whole surface but especially on veins abaxially, pubescent adaxially, pinninerved, lateral veins ca. 4 pairs, arcuate-ascendant, evanescent within leaf margin, lateral veins and midrib elevated on both surfaces, axils of lateral veins shallowly dome-shaped abaxially, slightly bullate adaxially, veins ± conspicuous on both surfaces, veinlets reticulate, shallowly foveolate under lens, base cuneate, apex shortly acuminate.