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cryptic: Similar to its natural background, from which it is not readily distinguished.[1]
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Example(s): Example sentences from FNA V4 : [1] Stems unsegmented, usually gray-green or blue-green to dark green [yellow-green in L .diffusa of Mexico ], usually flat-topped and cryptic in soil surface, sometimes protruding above it with recessed apex, ribbed or weakly tuberculate, 2–7.5 × (4– )5–12 cm, softly fleshy, soft skinned, dull, glabrous; [2] immature inflorescence pendent, (branches crowded, bell-shaped, ± obscured by bracts ), axis 0.5–1.2 cm, 1+ mm diam., soft-hairy with minute glands on cryptic, short hairs or at tips of longer, hispid hairs;


  1. Categorical Glossary for the Flora of North America Project, by Robert W. Kiger and Duncan M. Porter. 2001. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.