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Example(s): Example sentences from FNA : [1] leaf blade elliptic or obovate, sometimes broadly so, excluding acumen usually ca. 2 × as long as wide, 6–10 × 3–6 cm, papery, both surfaces glabrous, or abaxially barbate in vein axils, midvein and lateral veins raised on both surfaces, lateral veins 5–8 pairs, base generally broadly acute to rounded, margin serrate, teeth obtuse, leaf apex obtuse to rounded, contracting abruptly to a short acumen to ca. 5 mm. [2] leaf blade greenish abaxially, deep green adaxially, ovate to oblong, 7–12 × 3–5.5 cm, 2.2–2.8 × as long as broad (based on a small sample ), thinly leathery, abaxially glabrous or sparsely tomentose along veins, adaxially glabrous, palmately 3-veined from base, lateral veins 4 or 5 pairs, base rounded, margin remotely serrate, apex broadly acute, contracting gradually or more abruptly to an acumen 1–2 cm.