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Example(s): Example sentences from FNA V26 : [1] petals long-lasting, erect, ± connivent, ± concealing stamens and ovary, maroon, maroon-purple, brownish purple, bronze, greenish purple, clear green, yellowish green, pale lemon yellow, or 2-colored, yellow distally with purple base, in occasional clones, flowers open or quickly fade to bright copper bronze, the particular color pattern is consistent from year to year, fading to browner tones with age except in yellow or green forms, not spirally twisted, shape quite variable across range, elliptic-obovate to oblanceolate, 4–7 × 0.9–2.7 cm, thick-textured, with widest portion at or above middle, narrowed to usually cuneate basally, not clawed, margins flat, entire, apex acute, rounded-acute to obtuse; [2] sepals (in bud )yellowish or brownish purple, becoming browner or yellower with age, glandular-puberulent, lateral sepals forward pointing, 8-12 × 3-5 mm, spurs straight, ascending 20-45° above horizontal, 8-11 mm;