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branched_spiculose: (“Definition” is missing, please add it.)

Example(s): Example sentences from FNA V27 : [1] [Seta to 1 .7 cm .Capsule stegocarpous, theca erect, cylindric ;annulus persistent ;operculum bluntly high-conic or conic-rostrate ;peristome divided to the base into 32 brownish orange, branched-spiculose, filiform divisions, loosely twisted counterclockwise in 1 turn .Calyptra cucullate .Spores spherical, moderately papillose, 10–13 µm .]KOH reaction pale lemon-yellow. [2] peristome orange-red, single, with a low basal membrane, of 32 filiform rami joined at the base into 16 pairs, twisted counterclockwise or merely obliquely inclined, branched-spiculose, rarely nearly smooth.