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Example(s): Example sentences from FOC V14, V22, V7 : [1] leaf blade whitish purple-green abaxially, yellow-green and shiny adaxially, oblong or oblong-elliptic, 8–26 × 2.5–7.5 cm, thinly leathery, puberulent along midrib only initially, soon glabrate on whole surface adaxially, midrib and lateral veins elevated abaxially, impressed adaxially, lateral veins 6–9 pairs, ascendant, evanescent within leaf margin, transverse veins ± conspicuous on both surfaces, veinlets reticulate. [2] leaf blade abaxially gray-green, adaxially green and shiny, broadly elliptic to suborbicular, 6–12 × 3.5–6.5 (–10 )cm, thinly leathery, triplinerved, lateral veins ca. 6 pairs, basal lateral veins arcuate-ascendant 1–5 mm above leaf base, basal veins and midrib distinct and yellow on both surfaces, reticulate veins distinctly elevated on both surfaces, base broadly cuneate, margin revolute, apex shortly acuminate.