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adaxial: On or pertaining to the side or portion of a lateral structure that faces (or would face) toward the bearing axis when (or if) the axis of the lateral structure is (or were) oriented in the same general direction as the bearing axis.[1]
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Example(s): Example sentences from FOC V22 : [1] lip oblong-lanceolate, thickly fleshy, grooved at adaxial base, margin glandular-ciliate, apex obtuse and retuse. [2] leaf blades flat, 20–30 × 0.8–1.5 cm, glabrous or adaxial surface sparsely pilose, apex gradually acuminate;


  1. Categorical Glossary for the Flora of North America Project, by Robert W. Kiger and Duncan M. Porter. 2001. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.