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Resource Creation Technique
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Resource Creation Technique: Information about technical aspects of the creation and digitization process of the resource. This includes modification steps ("retouching") after the initial resource capture.

Notes: Audubon Core: Examples: Encoding method or settings, numbers of channels, lighting, audio sampling rate, frames per second, data rate, interlaced or progressive, multiflash lighting, remote control, automatic interval exposure.

Annotating whether and how a resource has been modified or edited significantly in ways that are not immediately obvious or expected to consumers is of special significance. Examples for images are: Removing a distracting twig from a picture, moving an object to a different surrounding, changing the color in parts of the image, or blurring the background of an image. Modifications that are standard practice and expected or obvious to users are not necessary to document; examples of such practices include changing resolution, cropping, minor sharpening or overall color correction, and clearly perceptible modifications (e.g. addition of arrows or labels, or the placement of multiple pictures into a table.) If it is only known that significant modifications were made, but no details are known, a general statement like “Media may have been manipulated to improve appearance” may be appropriate.

See also Subject Preparation Technique.