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Collection: ABCD Unit Pencil.png
No type definition was found for "Unit-Acknowledgement-@language" in the abcd2 import.
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Unit-Acknowledgement-@language (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/IPRStatements/Acknowledgements/Acknowledgement/@language): The language of the text in the element carrying this attribute. This is a mandatory attribute. The value UND (undefined) should be used if the language cannot be set for some reason. However, use of UND is discouraged by the W3 consortium. recommended values are defined by the following reference: H. Alvestrand, ed. RFC 3066: Tags for the Identification of Languages 1995. Available at:

Example(s): EN



Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

ABCD2 Hierarchy

XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /IPRStatements /Acknowledgements /Acknowledgement /@language