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Collection: ABCD Synecology Pencil.png
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Synecology-Viral-GenusOrMonomial (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/Gathering/Synecology/AssociatedTaxa/TaxonIdentified/ScientificName/NameAtomised/Viral/GenusOrMonomial): Genus or higher taxon name formed according to the code and representing the result of the identification of the associated taxa.

A generic name as a scientific name of a virus or as part of it.

Rules: First letter capitalised; No spaces included.

Notes: Note that the classification of the identification result (e.g. the family of a species identified) should be listed under HigherTaxon.

Generic names are essentially the same under the different codes; however, to avoid having to place the essential parts of a name on different levels of the hierarchy, all name elements recognized under a specific code are listed in the respective section.

Example(s): Flavivirus

Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

ABCD2 Hierarchy

XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /Gathering /Synecology /AssociatedTaxa /TaxonIdentified /ScientificName /NameAtomised /Viral /GenusOrMonomial